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                                            Posted:  15-Aug-2019
                                            Validity:  23-Dec-2019

SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd. is actively recruiting for the    
following positions:
1. Master  
2. Chief Officer
3. Deck Watch Officers
4. Chief Engineer
5. Second Engineer
6. Third Engineer
7. Fourth Engineer
8. Electrician Officer

Period of contract: 4 months
Salary: competitive
Crew on board: mixed
Shipowner: Greece
Vessels flag: Panama

  • Experience on board of such type of ships at least
12 months or 3 contracts in rank
  • Good English speaker
  • Mandatory STCW certificates are required from all
  • USA visa: C-1/D required
"A vacant Job just at your fingertips!"
                  PROGRAM:                                                                                   ADDRESS:                                                                                                        
                Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT + 2)                                  19 Mercur Street, Constanta city, 900699 ROMANIA                            +4 0241 545 606                               +4 0341 176 750   
Crewmembers for Oil/Chemical
Oferte de muncă pentru marinari
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* DFDE (Dual fuel diesel electric propulsion systems)
experienced ONLY.  
* MUST HAVE at least 12 months RECENT experience as
1st ASSISTANT ENGINEER on International LNG vessels.
* 2 calendar years on LNG minimum entry requirement
 Fluent English
 US Visa (preferable)
Please feel free to contact us for any questions by e-mail or by phone +4 0735 577 026.
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Oferte de muncă la uscat
Download and Fill this forms for vacancies AT SHORE only!
Please DO NOT USE it to apply AT SEA.....
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Chief Officer
General Cargo Vessel
2nd Engineer
General Cargo Vessel
Bulk Carrier
Containers Carrier
Chief Engineer
General Cargo Vessel
Tug Boat
1st Engineer
Bulk Carrier
FITTERS for Shipyards
for Oil Platform
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Curriculum Vitae
2nd Officer
Crude Oil Carrier
on Oil Tanker