„Lessons learned will have
future values!”
SIMMIT MPwr (eMPower)
Human Resources Recruitment Services

          As young, dynamic, and fast-growing
organization, we deliver one-stop solutions to the
Marine and Offshore industries with the following
  • New-Building Management & Supervision
  • Management Consulting
  • Technical / Engineering Management & Support
  • Marine Systems Testing & Commissioning
  •  Crewing Management
  • Technical Management
  • Operations Management
  • Vessel Mobilizations
  • Ship Operating Manuals / Plans /
  • Audits / Surveys
Our Goals
.....................   .Our goals are to recruit and train Romanian seafarers both officers and ratings in
order to meet the high quality demands of our foreign clients - Shipowners from all over
the world.
..................... We are planning new activities every month to open new sectors of the recruitment
at sea and at shore as well, according with our company's policy.
Just check it out!
„Cutting-edge combat style!
........................... Our dedicated team puts its vast experience to use during all stages of the
recruitment process – from finding the most prepared and experienced peoples, selecting
the proper skilled person, suitable for the described job/rank – to placing him as proposal
candidate on the vacant post and rejecting the amateurs.
We are committed to healthy crew recruitment, safety, quality and well crew manned

              PROGRAM:                                                                                 ADDRESS:                                                                                                          
              Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT + 2)                               19 Mercur Street, Constanta city, 900699 ROMANIA                                   +4 0241 545 606                       +4 0341 176 750

Licenced by Romanian Naval Authority

Certified by the 'Romanian Naval Authority' (RNA)
to provide services for the selection and
of seafarers and inland waterway personnel on
merchant ships flying Romanian or foreign flag,
with the obligation to observe the provisions of the
legislation in force and of the tender book.

  Our leadership is dedicated to   
SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd. one of
the strongest recruitment company
on the Romanian market.

 We are proud that nothing can
constrains us in doing good
services for customers.
 We are proud that we can make a
difference to the customers we
serve ...

We offer a broad range of
recruitment solutions aligned with
the best practices based on a vast  
experience at sea and at shore.

  Also, our Agency fees are very
low, making our services to be
convenient for any customer!

 No any fee, commission, taxes o
other charges paid by our
candidates for getting employment
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Approved by Territorial Labor

We also authorized to provide services of
recruiting of personnel for vacant positions at
shore by the Romanian Ministry of Labour
- Territorial Labor Inspectorate Constanta.

"We serve onshore & offshore needs"

Certified   ISO 9001:2015

We are able to provide high quality documents  
conversion and data processing services.
We provide you with the most comprehensively  
secure and effective solutions.
If you ever needed an assurance that we meet  
the highest level of standardization in providing
our services of recruitment and selection of
proper personnel, just try it.

Certified    ILO MLC 2006

Our organisation is fully compliance   
with ILO MLC 2006 requirements and  
certified by RINA SIMTEX to carry out
the services of recruitment, selection
and placement of Seafarers on all
types of vessels.
Click to see the Licence issued by RNA
Click to see the ILO MLC 2006 certificate
Click to see the ISO 9001:2015 certificate
Click to see the Licence issued by ITM

Find out our Office location in Constanta city
and how to reach it by clicking the following link:
People are our business!
We are providing the highest caliber at sea and at shore professionals by
focusing on:
  • Complete recruitment and selection process
  • Review of references at the previous job
  • Rank skills and interpersonal relationships
  • Testing the site specific knowledge of vacancy
  • Career counseling with beneficial recommendations
  • Training in areas found vulnerable to professional examination
  • Periodic performance review during candidate tenure
The sky is the limmit. Hitting it off!
With a head office in CONSTANTA City, at Black Sea coast, Simmit MPwr has involved
into the leading manning services companies from ROMANIA on recruitment field of
human resources.
SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006 with a strong, effective, and sense
of passion, dedication, commitment, and direction.
   SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd. is placing the seafarers and workers on a selection base on Commercial vessels of any type, from
bulk carrier to LNG/LPG tankers, including Passengers ships, Rigs (platforms), Fishing vessels and Factories, Construction
and Energy sectors.
We have achieved an international reputation for our ability and skills to match the right candidate with the right job.
Our international background and our extensive database of candidates, along with our pro-active and experienced office staff are the most important assets in finding the
right candidate in the challenging shipping, hospitality, oil & gas industry, constructions, public utilities, agriculture, fishing, timber, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical,
computer/software and technology industries.

  • Driving our utmost to develop better relationships among people & ships everyday everywhere, revealing the inner beauty of our strengths.

  • To listen to all the niche areas in marine industry and penetrate into those with our better services everyday.
  • To provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective services to offshore and marine industry.
  • To be a recognized world class company in water transport services.

Core Values
  • Love Ships.
  • Commitment.
  • Respect Individuals.
  • Open-mindedness.
  • Value Capabilities.
  • Inspire People.
  • Result Oriented.