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Human Resources Recruitment Services
SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd. has a dedicated team formed by experienced seamen and qualified  
human resources inspectors, with a great experience on board vessels and at shore.
Our seafarers and workers selection and screening, are enabling a full manning cycle: from
finding of proper qualified candidates, through strategy, checking of their history,
interviewing, testing, additional training as required, up to placement on vacancies and    
afterwards watching their service performance.


Our dedicated team puts its vast experience to use during all stages of the recruitment  
process – from finding the most prepared and experienced peoples, selecting the proper  
skilled person, suitable for the described job/rank – to placing him as proposal candidate on
the vacant post and rejecting the amateurs.
We are committed to healthy crew recruitment, safety, quality and well crew manned
vessels, serving onshore and offshore.
Our human resources experts are putting in your benefits their global and local know-how  
             > We will gladly consider any kind of cooperation proposal!
All our staff is duly qualified and trained
properly to carry out their duties.
SIMMIT MPwr Co. Ltd, is a Romanian recruitment company, having an integrated
management, of a proved position in the seafarers and workers employment field.
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Why to choose our services
Our recruitment process
Our obligations

Applications must be received before the vacancy notice closing
In a normal recruitment process, which on average should take
less than one month, the following phases are foreseen.
  • Sourcing (database, social and local media)
  • Screening
  • Evaluation (interview and assessment)
  • Verification (docx, background & references)
  • Selection & providing candidates to employer
  • Employment offer
  • Assistance in hiring (contract of employment, flag  state
    docx arrangements, travelling to working place).
1. Accurate information
2. Free of taxes/fees for candidates
3. Freedom from undue pressure
4. Fair recruitment
5. Maintain non-discrimination policy
6. Confidentiality of personal data
7. Time to read & review the Contract
8. Staff Training Policy
9. Client/Interested party recruiting policy
10. Proper recruiting

  • Do you want recruitment experts who are
skilled, work efficiently and to the highest ethical  
  • Do you want an agency committed to getting
you the best person in the job asap?
  • At Simmit MPwr, we have the flexibility
and pulling power of our employment services  
delivering a range of tools and state of the art  
recruitment technology.
  • So why not to choose Simmit MPwr?
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